Aviation Advisory Boards

CHIRP conducts investigations by seeking advice from highly experienced expert panels for each specialist area within the Aviation Programme. These panels are called Advisory Boards.  

The Advisory Boards are comprised of nominees from the principal aviation safety elements (such as regulators, accident investigators and safety managers), representatives from relevant UK aviation interests (e.g. LAA, BMAA, UK FSC, NATS etc) and experienced independent volunteer members with extensive aviation backgrounds.

The collective body acts as a panel of peers, each participating as individual expert advisers in their own right and who contribute to the collective understanding and resolution of associated Human, Organisational, Environmental and Technical/Equipment Factors rather than formally representing their sponsoring/parent companies and organisations.

Report information is submitted to the Advisory Boards by the CHIRP Secretariat on a strictly confidential basis wherein all reporters’ personal details and any identifying circumstances or locations are deleted from reports prior to their submission for discussion. The role of the Advisory Boards is to review these reports and associated issues raised, and to provide counsel on the most appropriate way in which specific issues might be resolved.

The Chairs of the Advisory Boards also provide feedback on the performance of the Programme to the Trustees at quarterly intervals, and the composition of the Boards are reviewed regularly to ensure that the membership is appropriate to the scope of the Programme and retains relevant current operational expertise.

There are four CHIRP Aviation Advisory Boards; Air Transport (ATAB), General Aviation (GAAB), Cabin Crew (CCAB) and Drone/UAS (DUASAB). Air Traffic Control and Engineering reports are dealt with in the appropriate Advisory Board depending on their relevance; Ground Handling & Security reports are normally dealt with in the ATAB; and Air Display reports are covered by the GAAB. 

Air Transport Advisory Board (ATAB)

The Air Transport Advisory Board (ATAB) sits on a quarterly basis, normally in January, April, July and October each year.  The ATAB considers reports concerning commercial Flight Crew, Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers and Ground Handling & Security operatives.

Cabin Crew Advisory Board (CCAB)

The Cabin Crew Advisory Board (CCAB) sits 4-monthly, normally in March, July and November each year.  The CCAB primarily considers reports concerning commercial Cabin Crew, but sometimes reports that also involve associated Engineering and Ground Handling & Security aspects are received.

General Aviation Advisory Board (GAAB)

The General Aviation Advisory Board (GAAB) sits on a quarterly basis, normally in February, May, August and November each year.  Many GAAB reports concern GA pilots relating incidents where they have made mistakes or errors, but they also include reports about other issues such as airspace, aircraft equipment, and procedures.  Reports are also received from Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers, Maintainers and occasionally Ground Handling & Security operatives. 

Drones/UAS Advisory Board (DUASAB)

The Drones/UAS Advisory Board (DUASAB) sits 4-monthly, normally in March, July and November each year.  The DUASAB is focused on reports concerning all unmanned air systems, not just drones, and receives reports concerning the design, operation and maintenance of both commercial and consumer systems.