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Stay Aware - Stay Safe

Stay Aware - Stay Safe

Posted on 22.01.2024 by Adam Parnell




Welcome to the 5th edition of Superyacht FEEDBACK. It’s hard to believe that this is the publication’s first anniversary already. With the assistance of our amazing reporters, we’ve tackled some significant safety issues: how to pre-empt and respond to unsafe requests; the importance of minimising distractions on the bridge or in a tender – especially at night; the challenges posed by lithium-ion batteries; and why even new-builds can suffer with safety issues (and how to spot them).

This edition revisits some of the common themes, especially planning, communications and situational awareness. In our first report, we highlight the different challenges that arise when daytime tender operations continue into the night (it’s more than the lack of daylight!).

Readers will be well aware of the MarPol regulations and the prohibition on throwing items overboard, But what if that is necessary to save the vessel? The Captain in our 2nd report faced this conundrum when a lithium-ion battery on charge was found to be rapidly heating up. We think they made the right decision – what are your thoughts? Email us and let us know.

Our next report reminds us why wearing kill-cords in small boats is so essential, and how to avoid forgetting to put it on.

Chefs will be well aware of the difficulties of securing even ‘marinized’ galley equipment for sea in such a way that it can still be accessed and used. This topic is the subject of our fourth report, which discusses design inadequacies, and a lack of consideration during fitting and installation as to how it would actually be used.

Finally our last report highlights how easily an incident can go awry, and how swiftly potentially lethal circumstances can arise. In this particular case, the bridge team were startled into taking action without ensuring that swimmers in the water were first recovered.

As ever, please do let us know what you think of this edition, and of course, do keep those reports coming.

Yours in Safety,

The CHIRP team

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