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Captain Chris Hanson

Captain Chris Hanson

Posted on 16.08.2022 by Jennifer Curran

Chris has been flying professionally since 1985 and has worked in a management role in British Airways since 2004.  In the Royal Air Force, he flew, and trained pilots, on the Hawk and Tornado F3.  In British Airways he has gained type ratings on the Boeing 737, 757, 767,777 and 787, he also has instructor ratings and examiner authorisation on the B737, 777 and 787.

Chris’s main focus has always been the training of pilots; as a Flight Training Manager he was responsible for the management of training on the B777/787 and B737 fleets.  His management experience covered the fields of Quality, Technical and Training at both Heathrow and Gatwick and he has worked inter-departmentally within British Airways, across the airline industry as a whole, and with national and international regulatory bodies, including speaking at international training conferences.

Chris now works as a Training Standards Captain on the B777/787 fleet in British Airways, which he enjoys immensely.

Captain Chris Hanson - CHIRP


August 2022

Captain Chris Hanson

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