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Dan Pryce

Dan Pryce

Posted on 05.07.2022 by Jennifer Curran

Dan Pryce started his aviation career learning to fly at EGSE – Ipswich Airport. An ambition to be a commercial pilot was furthered with an IMC and twin rating, but then he discovered air traffic control, or at least the GA equivalent, at the same time as running out of money for an ATPL.

Dan has worked as an air/ground operator and FISO at various airfields including Ipswich, Elmsett and Old Buckenham. Turning down a career with Eurocontrol, but rebuffed by NATS, when Ipswich closed he found himself at Wattisham as an Air Traffic Assistant. Great fun was had flying in (and occasionally flying!) lots of helicopters courtesy of the Army Air Corps.

Finally NATS gave in and took Dan under their wing in 1999. Four years at Farnborough flew by (all puns intended), and his love of GA ensured he enjoyed every minute of providing a LARS service, even on a sunny Saturday. Dan would regularly join the fray as a member of the Farnborough Aero Club. Providing a Radar Advisory Service (remember that?) to bizjets in uncontrolled Class G was not so much fun though.

Moving to Stansted Airport to be closer to home, but sadly having to give up radar (which for all the London Airports is done centrally) Dan has remained there ever since and is currently a Watch Manager and the Unit Safety Manager. A love of airshows, which started at Wethersfield in 1984 and was strengthened by being part of them at Farnborough, has continued with the occasional busman’s holiday as part of the air traffic team at RIAT Fairford.

Being part of the CHIRP General Aviation Advisory Board allows Dan to give something back to the industry that started his career.

Dan Pryce - CHIRP


July 2022

Dan Pryce

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