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Lezio Liotta

Lezio Liotta

Posted on 02.10.2023 by Jennifer Curran

Lezio started his aviation career in 2005 where he worked for Ryanair for nearly a decade and in a variety of roles including cabin crew, senior cabin crew and SEP Instructor.

He then spent a few years working for the startup FlyDubai, the Emirates sister company in the capacity of Cabin Safety Officer where he was responsible for the entire cabin safety area including regulatory manuals, liaison with the regulator, set up of IOSA, occurrence reports / investigation and some flying duties.

In 2016 he went to work for Virgin Atlantic as Manager Cabin Safety & Training and responsible for safety & emergency procedures on A330, A340, A350, B747 and B787, departmental compliance monitoring, risk assessments, cabin crew training, IOSA, occurrence reports and investigations.

He is a member of the Cabin Safety Liaison Group (CSLG), a group made up of UK and Irish AOC Heads of Crew Safety/Training, working together for best practice related to cabin safety and training.

Lezio Liotta - CHIRP


October 2023

Lezio Liotta

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