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Nicola Walker

Nicola Walker

Posted on 05.07.2022 by Jennifer Curran

I started flying career in MAN for airtours International in 1996-2003, qualified on various aircraft types including A320/321 7A330, B757/B767 and worked on the Air New Zealand damp less aircraft B747-200 for a year. Wanted to be based near to my home town of Leeds , joined Jet2 on the first Cabin Crew course and have been there ever since. 

I was promoted to Performance Trainer specializing in SEP/ Security& Dangerous Goods / Disruptive Passenger Training/  First Aid / Manual Handling, a role I loved and enjoyed for over ten year.

In 2016 I needed a challenge and was promoted to Cabin Standards Manager, which was a new role for the Cabin Services Department. During my time to date , I have developed key relationships with many departments including engineering, IFR and Cabin Safety. I play an integral part in implanting changes to our procedures and processes, which is driven from Audit data and Safety reports.

I manage a Team of Auditors, that takes a look at Cabin Services Operating Procedures, Training Facilities and Ground School Training, ensuring as a department, we are fully complaint with all our processes and procedures, aware of risk factors and maintain a safe working environment on board our aircraft.

Nicola Walker - CHIRP


July 2022

Nicola Walker

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