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Kirsty Arnold

Kirsty Arnold

Posted on 15.06.2022 by Jennifer Curran

Kirsty's experience includes being a SME for cabin/above wing which included operational and occupational safety for cabin crew, pilots and customers.  Kirsty's role included SME safety lead for new aircraft entering service and retrofits – most recently the A350 and A330-900.  Kirsty was also SME for lithium-ion batteries within the cabin.  Kirsty lead investigations into significant safety incidents/accidents within cabin crew and flight operations.

Kirsty's other roles include Cabin Crew Programme Manager at CHIRP (1996-2012) from its development into the current status following expansion from Flight Crew to include Cabin Crew, Engineers, ATCOs, General Aviation and eventually Maritime.  She was responsible for the CHIRP Cabin Crew programme from its inception until 2012. Was also the Secretariat for ICASS (International Confidential Aviation Security Systems) Group whilst at CHIRP.  Previously an In-flight Customer Experience Safety and Quality Partner at British Airways and flew as cabin crew on B747 and B777 aircraft (2012-2014).

Kirsty is a member of the Royal Aeronautical Flight Operations Group and am Chair of the Cabin Safety Specialist Group.  I am also a member of IOSH (Institution of Occupational Health and Safety).

Kirsty Arnold - CHIRP


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Kirsty Arnold

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