Aerosol Spray can in garbage bag for incinerator

31st March 2015

Aerosol Spray can in garbage bag for incinerator

Initial Report

Report Text:

During garbage transfer to engine room for incineration, it was identified that two bottles of aerosol spray were found in the garbage bags.

Lessons Learned: Training to be organized onboard during next month on the “Requirement for garbage separation and storage and disposal” as per garbage management plan, including the following topics.

  • Categories of garbage that can be disposed at sea (to avoid confusion no crew member is authorized to discharge anything into the sea without chief officer’s permission).
  • Categories of garbage that can be incinerated and garbage that MUST NEVER be incinerated.
  • Assignment of duties: Responsible person for garbage generated on deck, at interior accommodation spaces and in engine room.
  • Designated person(s) in charge of incineration records disposals in the Garbage log book.
  • Ash from incineration of plastics is disposed ashore.
  • Used cooking oil is collected in drums and incinerated.
  • Oily rags should be incinerated the soonest possible as they are source of ignition.
  • Batteries, expired medicines should be disposed separately to shore facilities.

CHIRP Comment:

The lessons learned from the report and the actions taken are valid, the safety checks incorporated in the procedures for handling garbage appear to have been effective.

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