Best Practice – Muster Stations

30th October 2017

Best Practice - Muster Stations

Initial Report

With reference to CHIRP issue No.47 Best Practice – Muster Stations, I attach a picture of my muster station with fixed hooks on the bulkhead to hang each individual’s survival suit and lifejacket when they muster. This ensures each seaman collects his designated equipment in an abandon ship situation, bearing in mind that if the equipment was left on deck with the vessel rolling, it would surely get mixed up. We also re-assess the seating arrangements in the freefall lifeboat after each crew change as the joiners might not fit the designated seats of their predecessors. CHIRP note – lifejackets are not worn for freefall lifeboat launching due to the use of body seat belt straps, (hence the hooks for lifejackets in this case).

Muster Station with hooks for hanging survival suits / lifejackets

When I receive the Telegraph, I first look at the Health & Safety section to update my  notice board.  Your  “Best Practice” section is now very interesting and we have already adopted the anchor chain  suggestion.


Report Ends.

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