Bullying and Harrassment

Bullying and Harrassment

Eliminating workplace harassment and bullying is still a challenge at sea and must be stopped, we are losing good people through this unacceptable behaviour. The Swedish Merchant Navy recently conducted a survey and identified 45% of women and 22% men (48% deck, 58% machinery, 34% catering) had experienced harassment at work within the previous 12 months. The deck department and the engine department had more experienced abuse or harassment in lower job levels compared to higher. There was no difference between the various occupational categories, vesselĀ  types, theĀ  seaĀ  areasĀ  orĀ  marital status.

In 2010 a Nautilus International survey revealed nearly half had personally experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination in their workplace.

If you experience this intimidating behaviour onboard, there is support material you can reference. The European Community Shipowners Associations and European Transport Workers Federation have provided ā€˜Guidelines to shipping companiesā€™.


Available through the CHIRP website www.chirp.co.uk

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