10th August 2022

Minimum Rest Requirements

Initial Report

Delayed arrival into AAA, long journey to crew hotel meaning down route rest falling way below required 10 hour ‘Key to Key’.

Crewing phoned to advise of arrival time at hotel so pick up could be adjusted accordingly.  Initially told we had achieved 12 hours ‘chocks to chocks’ so not an issue.

Next person insisted the term “key to key’ is defined as arrival at hotel until commencement of next FDP.

Operators Comment

The cabin crew scheduling teams always plan rest meeting regulatory (EASA/CAA) and any local cabin crew agreements. In the event of an unplanned delay on the day, the operations team should be contacted by the cabin crew who will be able to check their rest requirements ensuring it complies with 10 hours key to key (or at least as long as the previous duty period, if greater) when away from base.

CAA Comment

Under ORO.FTL.235 rest periods (b) the minimum rest period provided before undertaking an FDP starting away from home base shall be at least as long as the preceding duty period or 10 hours whichever is greater. This period shall include an 8-hour sleep opportunity in addition to the time for travelling and physiological needs. Operators are also required to comply with CS FTL.1.205 (d) delayed reporting and have procedures established within their operations manual.

The Oversight Team will discuss with the Operator of the delayed reporting procedures and their understanding of the regulations.

CHIRP Comment

As you can imagine, this is not the only report that CHIRP have received of this nature. As minimum rest is often the new norm it is important that all crew are familiar with their minimum rest requirements, especially as it’s not unusual for an individual to have a different FDP from the rest of the crew due to being called out from stand-by, please ask your colleagues if you are unsure. Rest should be counted from when the crew arrive at the hotel and this is how the regulation should be read as. However, if there was a delay at the check-in desk, the commander could advise the Ops team that their rest needs to be amended and the next day’s report should be delayed accordingly.

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