Collision Avoidance – Look Out

31st December 2006

Collision Avoidance - Look Out

Initial Report

Report Text:

While own vessel was on passage we observed a target on our port side: radar plot was initiated.  After initial monitoring it was apparent that close quarters was obvious.  Warning signal was made not once, but 3 times, but still the vessel did not alter to stbd and go around our stern as per collision regulations.  The local coastguard was contacted and after repeated calls on VHF 16 and they in turn tried to contact said vessel even after DSC call the CG and own vessel were unable to contact vessel.  When own vessel altered crs to avoid collision several lookouts on bridge could not tell if there was anyone on the bridge of the vessel who continued on original course and speed.

CHIRP Comment:

This report was presented to the operator of the give way vessel for assessment.  As the incident occurred within UK waters the operator self-reported the incident to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) (contact details on page 7) [of MAB13].

Whilst hazardous incident reports are voluntary the MAIB are keen to receive them where they fall within their interest i.e. incidents involving any vessels in UK waters and UK vessels anywhere in the world.

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