Combination ladder issues

5th June 2018

Combination ladder issues

Initial Report

CHIRP continues to receive many reports from pilots who are faced with non-compliant pilot boarding arrangements. Further to the article in Maritime FEEDBACK 50, we have received a lot of reports relating to combination ladder arrangements. Some of these reports were very detailed and proved to be too big to be included in FEEDBACK.

CHIRPĀ Ā has therefore compiled an Insight articleĀ  onĀ  theĀ  subject. This insight article identifies some of the problematic areas, both with step over combination ladders and those rigged with a trapdoor within the accommodation ladder platform. The non-compliances are explained as are the requirements necessary to rectify the issues. In addition, CHIRP has included the full text of the IMO Resolutions governing the requirements for pilot ladders and accommodation ladders, plus the IMPA Pilot Boarding Poster.

The Insight Article may be found on our publications page at uploads/2018/04/20180424-Rigging-of-Combination- Ladders.pdf and is aimed at mariners and company management alike.


Report Ends


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