Correspondence – You won’t NAB this Pilot!

Correspondence – You won’t NAB this Pilot!

When the pilot boarded the 200 metres long crude oil carrier, which was inward bound into the Eastern Solent waters, he was more than a little surprised that the passage plan approved by the Master (and clear to see on ECDIS) showed the course passing directly over the Nab Tower, which is clearly marked on the chart.







CHIRP Suggests

This is a good example of why some ports have compulsory pilotage and shows the benefits of agreeing the passage plan between the pilot and the master.

For more information on ECDIS near misses please read CHIRP Maritime FEEDBACK 44.

There was an apparent failure of the Safety Management System and its implementation on board. Every passage plan should be checked, agreed by the master and then signed off by all of the navigation officers. In this case this clearly did not happen.