Do Not Touch! – Discovery of live munitions

Do Not Touch! – Discovery of live munitions


A report from a vessel engaged in treasure hunting where unexpected treasures were discovered.

What the Reporter told us:

The vessel was engaged in treasure hunting, scanning and recovering wrecks with a remote submersible vehicle. On this occasion munitions were brought on board in addition to  the treasure being hunted. The reporter wrote to CHIRP querying the handling of such potentially hazardous materials without proper protective equipment.

CHIRP contacted the Royal Navy bomb disposal unit and their advice is quite clear. Under NO circumstances are any munitions to be handled. Wherever you are in the world, if suspicious materials are discovered then immediately contact the local authorities in order for their experts to assess and deal with the hazard.


Munitions discovered whilst treasure hunting

CHIRP Comment:

The Maritime Advisory Board, whilst fully endorsing the advice above, commented that discovery of munitions is also common in the dredging and fishing industries. Since the severity of the hazard is unknown, maintaining a safe distance until assistance arrives is prudent.


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