Dover Straight Deep Water Route 2

Dover Straight Deep Water Route 2

Report text:

Please find below a list of vessels which I have noticed recently using the Sandettie Deep Water Route apparently without any real justification:-

TYPE                DRAUGHT                             DESTINATION

Container       12.5m          21.5 Kts                Hamburg

Container       9.6m             18.4 Kts                Rotterdam

Container       12.7m          22.5 Kts                Hamburg

Container       13.2m          22.5 Kts                Rotterdam

As far as I could see their use of the Deep Water Route did not compromise any other vessel.


Dover Strait Deep Water Route 1

Whilst passing Gris Nez, I heard someone asking Gris Nez traffic for permission to use the DW route.¬† They noted that the chart said it was for vessels with draft over 16m and their draft was 8m, but still asked if it was OK.¬† After a couple minutes delay, they came back and said “Yes, of course, no problem”.¬†¬† This is outrageous!!!¬†¬† Unfortunately, I was not able to hear the name of the offending ship.

During my 2 transits this trip, I noted several others, including a container vessel from a well known company, who should know better.


CHIRP Comment:

Reports continue to be received on issues related to the use of the Dover Strait DWR.  A 2005 UK submission to IMO proposing changes was withdrawn, but the Maritime Advisory Board was pleased to hear recently that the AFSON (Anglo-French Safety of Navigation) Committee will resume meetings this autumn.  CHIRP will continue to forward any relevant information it receives to the MCA.