24th August 2022

Flyaway of DIY Drone

Initial Report

Excessive vibration during flight led to loss of attitude awareness and control of quadcopter resulting in an uncontrolled flyaway. Failsafes relied on having attitude control. Drone ended up doing an uncontrolled descent. Further testing needed on airframe vibrations.

CHIRP Comment

This is a short and sweet report from a reporter who is probably flying a home build Drone. What is good about it, is that the reporter has drawn their own conclusions on what the problem was and what to do about it. They have learnt from their own analysis and taken the trouble to share it, however brief it may be.

Additional thoughts are:

  1. a) there is no reference to a set of protocols that have been created for the purpose of doing test flights, or of an observer being present. CHIRP would recommend that both of these actions should be considered before testing any aircraft, whatever the size;
  2. b) we would recommend including in the protocols, choosing a location that is far away from people, so the consequences of a loss of control does not result in any injury.

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