Inadequate crew bunks

Refurbished bunks in the [aircraft type] are very, very hard. So much so that it is hard to sleep; when one does fall asleep due to extreme tiredness one wakes up with pins and needles and subsequently can’t get back to sleep. [Airline] don’t listen to pilots concerns when this has been reported consistently via tech log and fatigue reports. In fact in the tech log it is signed off with 120 days rectification interval!

Company Comment

A number of reports have been received on this matter, and are taken seriously. Flight Operations and Engineering have been assessing the situation. These aircraft mattresses have now all been replaced with our preferred alternate supplier in response to received ASR reports.

The company informed us that the refurbished bunk mattresses mentioned in the report were different from the originals because the OEM had changed supplier due to problems with the original supplier. There’s probably no specific standard or spec for mattress thickness/support but basic comfort must surely have been a factor in their procurement by the OEM one would have hoped. Although it appears that changes have now been made, the comfort of mattresses is probably somewhat down to personal perception as to their suitability, some crews were likely happy and some were not.