High Risk Personnel Transfer

High Risk Personnel Transfer

Report Text:

Non-compliance with personnel transfer procedures during STS operations created an un – controlled, high-risk transfer between vessels. There is a very clear explanation in the STS procedure booklet on how to carry out personnel transfers but the charterer and ship managers had earlier advised there will not be a surveyor, or any cargo inspection and therefore the daughter vessel did not have to acquire a Personnel Transfer Basket (PTB). The transferred person was the supercargo working for Company “X”. This was the first time working for them and he was afraid in case there were any mistakes in the calculation of cargo transferred. Despite the mother vessel’s advice that no personnel transfer was required, he insisted on visiting the mother vessel. The supercargo ignored all advice and despite every warning, he jumped across to the mother vessel using a safety harness on the ship’s crane hook (like Tarzan)! The Supercargo and the daughter vessel’s crew were advised that this type of transfer is very dangerous.




CHIRP Comment:

The report highlights a very dangerous practice. The pressure to visit the mother ship appears to have been solely due to the supercargo and perhaps in the belief he was creating a good impression on his first assignment. The result was a senior person flaunting safety standards on both ships. The safety culture on the ship operating the crane was not strong; the crew did not feel empowered to stop lifting the inspector when he insisted on the lift. The inspection company needs to review the procedures and requirements when personnel are trans – ferring between the ships.