Incinerating outside of the Incinerator!

27th July 2017

Incinerating outside of the Incinerator!

Initial Report



A report where misplaced oily rags almost caught fire with a potential for a far more serious incident.


What the Reporter told us:

While incinerating oily rags, a bucket full of oily rags was left near the incinerator door by an engine room rating. The heat coming from the incinerator door initially heated up the oily rags in the bucket and it started to smoke. The bucket was immediately doused with water and a fire was prevented.


Proper procedures should be fully observed whilst the incinerator is in operation, and it should not be left unattended while in use.


CHIRP Comment


The Maritime Advisory Board mentioned that poor housekeeping may have been a causal factor and that placing the items in a more sensible location would not have allowed this incident to occur. A toolbox talk is recommended, as this would have raised awareness of the dangers involved. (See CHIRP report “Incinerators – Too hot to handle?” (Maritime FEEDBACK 39 or search ‘Incinerators’ on our web site).



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