Is it safe?

1st March 2021

Is it safe?

Initial Report

Extract from theĀ CHIRPĀ Editorial from Maritime FEEDBACK edition 62.

Our cover photograph is a dramatic shot of damage to the stem and bulbous bow of an ocean-going ship. Our correspondent asked how the ship can determine whether it is safe to continue the voyage, or whether the crew should attempt to make temporary repairs. Our reply was that in cases of this nature, the damage should be inspected by a classification society surveyor. Classification societies set the rules for safe ship construction and are the appropriate people to consult whenever there is structural damage. Their surveyors can call upon a great deal of knowledge and experience and have tremendous resources to back them up if necessary. In this case, we also suggested the insurers should be informed. Mariners who find themselves in difficulty are never alone, there are many sources of advice and support available. There is no shame in admitting you are not sure how to handle an unusual situation, so do not be afraid to ask for help.

If this happened to your ship, what would you do, who would you contact and who would you notify?



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