Tales from the Galley

Tales from the Galley

Report Text 1:

The relay box switch for the wet chemical fire suppression system in the galley was found in the ‘off’ position and immediately returned to the ‘On’ position. The chief cook and electrical engineer were reinstructed to avoid any future recurrences.

Preventative action: Electrical officer to ensure that during his daily rounds of the vessel the above switch is checked and if it is switched ‘off’ then enquire as to why and by whom it was done. This should be ascertained prior to ‘blindly’ switching it on and bring the matter to the attention of the master and chief engineer.

CHIRP Comment:

A wet chemical fire suppression system that meets SOLAS regulations is designed to suppress fires in high risk equipment, such as deep fat fryers and produces a rapid fire knockdown effect. Switching off this safety feature has been highlighted as a concern and correctly addressed by the master.


Report Text 2:

During a routine inspection of the galley and on the threshold of entering a restricted area for the disposal of garbage, it was revealed the galley personnel were not fully aware of the procedure and some distinctive features of using the waste grinder.

Causal factors: Incorrect use of machinery due to a lack of knowledge, inadequate supervision, and guidelines not being followed.

CHIRP Comment

The report has identified a lack of fundamental training of relevant crewmembers in these requirements/regulations.