Too *@!* Close!

30th June 2005

Too *@!* Close!

Initial Report

Report Text:

Incident with frigate coming up channel from the south-west, speed, not sure, say 15 kts; missed us by no more than 20 yards.

We were hauling our nets near a wreck when we noticed a naval vessel coming towards us (not uncommon).  When it didn’t alter I called at least three times on Ch 16 (Frigate heading for white hulled fishing vessel, alter to starboard now), no response.  After I knew name I called again (it missed), no response.  Only when I shouted Coastguard did they interject.  They did stop for some fifteen minutes afterwards.  I said a few things on sixteen I probably shouldn’t have and anyone listening would have been in no doubt that an incident had occurred.

CHIRP Comment

After discussions with CHIRP the Reporter decided to talk to the MAIB, who took the matter up with the UK’s Royal Navy.  The RN had already conducted its own investigation and taken steps to prevent recurrence.  The Reporter was advised of the outcome and was pleased that the incident had been taken seriously.

CHIRP believes safety is in the interest of all those participating in any maritime activity and is promoted by the open and honest reporting and investigation of incidents such as this.

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