Unsafe crew practices

1st June 2020

Unsafe crew practices

Initial Report


A report highlighting dangerously unsafe practices by members of a ships’ crew.

What the reporter told us:

Disregarding recommendations for ladders to be stowed away from contamination and protected from UV damage, the pilot ladder had obviously been left on deck throughout the port stay and discharge of palm kernel expeller (PKE), as it was covered in drifts of cargo residue. Prior to rigging for disembarkation, I requested that the dry PKE was brushed off the ladder as it becomes slippery when wet. An AB was issued with a hand brush, but instead of cleaning the ladder while it was on deck, it was put over the side. Even though the vessel was underway the AB climbed down the ladder to the bottom rung with no lifeline, lifejacket or hard hat. He held on with his left hand whilst brushing the steps with his right hand.

CHIRP comment:

The worrying thing about this report is that it was not an individual moment of madness. The crewman in question was issued with a hand brush by his supervisor and the ladder was not deployed by a single man, but rather by a two or three man team who watched without comment as the dangerous and reckless action took place.

Where was the safety culture? Where was the individual responsibility for personal safety? Where was the collective responsibility to look out for the safety of a fellow crew member?

Final thought:

Do similar examples of the breakdown of the safety management system or safety culture occur onboard your vessel?

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