Wrong Way in IRTC

Wrong Way in IRTC

The following report was received from a ship in the Gulf of Aden.

Report Text:

The “eastbound” container vessel XXXXXX observed in the middle of the “westbound IRTC” (Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor) traffic lane. Course over Ground 070deg, Speed over Ground 22.5kts. MSCHOA (Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa) and UKMTO (UK Maritime Trade Operations) have been informed.

(The vessel details and position were provided.)


CHIRP Comment:

We alerted the manager of XXXXX. He replied as follows:


Thank you for bringing the incident to our notice. There was a deviation from the recommended track. We have asked the Master to strictly comply with recommendations and have sent a Fleet alert to all vessels.


The manager has thereby applied the learning from this incident across his fleet.