Team: Ambassador

  • Ionut Sandu

    Ionut Sandu

    Ionut Sandu is a Romanian citizen and resident. He started his career back in 2003 and passed through all ranks and different type of vessels during 20 years of working in the maritime industry. Since 2016, he has been a Master Mariner and since 2023 has held the rank of Fleet Captain.

  • Lisa Roberts

    Lisa Roberts

    Lisa started her seafaring career as a cadet on board container vessels back in 2012. Her fascination with tugs stemmed from her time spent working alongside these specialized and unique vessels in various ports around the world and catalysed Lisa’s latest role as Tug Master. She is an experienced seafarer who’s passionate about safety and…

  • Duvet Claudin Koutsolo

    Duvet Claudin Koutsolo

    Duvet is based in Dakar, Senegal. During his internship in marine science, he has participated in research projects (2014 – 2018) focused on marine biodiversity and ecology. Duvet’s university experience includes courses in marine engineering, oceanography, and marine conservation. He has also gained hands-on experience working with various marine research equipment and technologies.

  • Mike Pearson

    Mike Pearson

    A master mariner with almost 40 years of international experience working with some of the most respected names in the port, maritime and offshore construction sectors. 10 years at sea before being seconded ashore into container ship operations management. He has extensive experience in maritime management systems and risk and holds an MSc and MBA.…

  • Jack Prendergast

    Jack Prendergast

    Jack is a Master 500gt and OOW Unlimited with Dangerous Cargo endorsement. He is currently the Master of a towing vessel with experience of working in several large UK ports

  • Dean Whitson

    Dean Whitson

    Dean is a professional yachtsman with 9 years of experience, specialising in motoryachts ranging between 60-80 metres. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to gain extensive experience in challenging environments. With great fortune he has sailed across all the oceans and visited every continent in his career. He currently holds the position of Chief…

  • Anshul Kapoor

    Anshul Kapoor

    Captain Anshul is a Master working on container vessels and has a passion for improving maritime safety.

  • Viji Kurien

    Viji Kurien

    Viji has over 30 years’ experience in the maritime industry, including more than 20 years as a Chief Engineer on various vessel types and ashore.

  • Caleb Danladi

    Caleb Danladi

    Capt. Caleb Danladi is an experienced Master Mariner, highly skilled in Marine Operations, Port operations, Ship Management, and Offshore Operations, with more than 15 years’ experience in Maritime environment. Caleb Danladi worked both onboard LNG Tankers and Ashore as Assistant Marine Operations Superintendent before Starting a career as offshore Marine Terminal Mooring Master Pilot. He…

  • Elegene Elevado

    Elegene Elevado

    Elegene started his maritime education in John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Arevalo Inc. under the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation Program. He is a member of the 802nd Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit – Arevalo and designated as Intelligence Officer (N2) during the 2022-2023 Academic Year. A consistent Dean’s lister and…

  • Nicholas Iodice

    Nicholas Iodice

    Nicholas is an accomplished Marine and Safety Manager, overseeing the operations of 6 container vessels from Dublin, Ireland. With a career spanning over a decade in shipping, serving as a Navigational Officer on container ships and advancing through roles that underscore his expertise in maritime safety, vessel management, and compliance with international regulations. His dedication…

  • Michael Walsh

    Michael Walsh

    I started my seafaring career in 2003 as a relief steward on a Ro-Pax ferry, working during the holidays while I studied for my marine engineering degree. I did my cadetship on oil and gas tankers and gained my OOW ticket in 2007. After a short stint in the cruise industry, I began working on…