Captain Jerry Kinder

Jerry was commissioned into the Royal Air Force in 1982 as a general duties officer. He was a pilot flying the Canberra, Hawk, Phantom and Tornado F3 aircraft. While serving he received 2 Green Endorsements. In 2000, having qualified for his ATPL, he ‘retired’ from active service and joined Airtours as a first officer. In 2005 he moved to Virgin Atlantic, where he flies the Boeing 787.

Away from flying, Jerry has extensive board experience, with expertise in change management, structural re-organization, and effective industrial relations. He took on the role of Chair of Governors of a large secondary school during a period of industrial dispute and a subsequent restructuring. He also served on a local authority as a Parent Governor Representative. Since then, he has been a trustee for one pension scheme and is currently a trustee for another. He is Chair of Directors for a small residential property company. He was Vice Chair of the pilot Company Council at Virgin Atlantic, again during a period of industrial unrest and subsequent, successful, restructuring; and later went on to serve 6 years on the National Executive of the pilots’ union, BALPA. He now as a member of, and advisor to, their Legal Committee.

He is a strong believer in the ‘Just Culture’, and in using the principles of human factors and threat error management to enable individuals and organisations to deliver of their best.