Matt Bowden

As a Company Director and the General Manager at Red Penguin Marine, Matt delivers the effective, smooth running of the Red Penguin Marine group, its projects and engagement across the global subsea sector.  Recently he has been involved in advice on global subsea telecommunications cables and interconnectors, and the first US Offshore Wind project in Martha’s Vineyard. 

Throughout a 25-year maritime career he has acquired a panoply of both operational and strategic experience in the subsea cable industry and the military, commanding at sea and latterly ashore at the UK’s Middle East Communications and Information Systems Headquarters.  His Royal Navy career saw him specialise in communications, electronic warfare, and surveillance systems; this technical expertise sees him advise and consult for international military and civilian agencies, as well as multiple UK Government Departments. 

More recently he has worked in the private maritime and military sectors, advising multinational and small to medium sized companies on maritime technical innovation and all aspects of marine telecommunications across subsea, space and ground segments. 

A dynamic decision maker, influencer, and transformational leader able to recognise and address organisational challenges, he ensures Red Penguin responds to customer demands and ever-changing external factors.  His involvement with CHIRP stems from a desire to further improve safety at sea and the accountability of companies and nations to their seafarers.