Scott Moffat

Scott Moffat is an established leader in the global energy sector, particularly noted for his unwavering commitment to a “Safety in Reality” approach within maritime. Holding key roles across renowned organizations like Excelerate Energy, Shell, BG Group, and OSG Ship Management, Scott’s career is a testament to operational excellence and strategic foresight.

Starting his journey with Shell, Scott’s hands-on experience sailing on LNG Carriers formed the foundation of his expertise. Upon coming ashore Scott’s tenure with STASCO in London further solidified his reputation, where he played a pivotal role in various LNG Projects across the globe during a time of great explanation.

At BG Group in the US, Scott spearheaded quality and safety assurance within the maritime sector and was at the forefront of streamlining HSSE and operational standards. His move to OSG Ship Management saw him successfully manage the technical transition of in-house LNG Ship Management Services and overhaul safety and business processes for the Offshore and LNG Business Units.

Throughout his tenure at Excelerate Energy, from global HSSEQ roles to operations management in the UAE and Americas Region, Scott’s dedication to real-world safety practices has consistently shone through. His approach goes beyond mere compliance, aiming to instill safety as a core value at every operational level.

With a career spanning continent, Scott Moffat stands out not just for his operational and commercial acumen but for his vision of safety, always challenging the status quo, pushing for standards that reflect the reality on the ground and safeguarding personnel, assets and our environment.”